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Hidden mold is a serious issue and can be the cause of major health problems,
as well as structural damage to homes or buildings. Although mold growth is
natural outside, it has no place indoors. The culprit for these hidden mold
pockets: water. Where there is standing water or leaks, there is likely to be mold.
If you unsure that what you have is a mold problem, contact ARS for a free and
honest estimate of your propertyís mold damage. If you or anyone suffers from
health or respiratory issues, do not go near the contaminated area, and call a
healthcare professional immediately.

For most mold clean-up projects, especially in buildings such as hospitals and
schools, the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) suggests
hiring a contractor, such as ARS, to complete the mold removal process. In
many cases, there is far more work to be done and considerations other than a
quick cleaning of the space. ARSís 24 years of experience means we are
knowledgeable and trained to deal with these complex issues. Things to consider
but are often overlooked include contaminated ventilation, fixtures, and structural

Mold can be difficult to identify. Mildew is often confused with dirt as it is a surface
fungus that can be removed using some bleach or a household cleaner
containing bleach. Mildew is often what appears in the grout lines of your
bathroom shower tile. Regular cleaning usually means this is a non-issue. Some
molds, however, are more insidious - they cause rot. When in doubt, use your
nose. Large mold colonies hidden in walls or under carpets and creating rot often
have a musty smell. Further investigation involves pulling up rugs and probing
walls with screwdrivers. Again, be sure to take proper precautions. Inhaling a
lungful of spores can be dangerous.

Feel confident that ARS can take care of all of your mold problems.  We also
offer services for water damage Pembroke Pines if you ever have a flood; fire
damage Pembroke Pines if you should ever have a fire or need smoke damage
Pembroke Pines, we cover it all.

For reliable and honest 24-hour service, free estimates, and advice, call ARS at
954-654-7764 or 305-742-0787.

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